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Latest News

Timor-Leste Journalists Facing Jail Time

Friday, 19 May 2017 11:23 Written by

DILI – The lead prosecutor has supported the Prime Minister’s controversial call for criminal defamation charges to be laid against Timor Post journalist Raimundos Oki and his former boss Lourenco Vicente Martins.


Restaurant Employee Killed in Alleged Salary Dispute

Thursday, 13 April 2017 09:08 Written by

DILI: The owner of a Dili restaurant has fatally poisoned a staff member  to cover-up an alleged salary dispute, the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) has said.


Government to Investigate National Hospital Services

Tuesday, 04 April 2017 10:27 Written by

DILI: Rui Maria de Araújo has issued a promise to the public that the National Hospital of Guido Valadares in Dili service capacity will be put under the microscope, amid increading reports of patients going without treatement due to lack of staff.


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