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DILI: Government actors engaging in corrupt behaviour can now be detained by the anti-corruption commission (CAC).


DILI: Prime Minister Rui Maria De Araujo has called for dialogue and peace between United States and North Korea, as US officials warned on Sunday tensions with the isolated country were “coming to a head.”

DILI: Leading Timor-Leste football observer Francisco Magalihas lashed out at the embattled Timor-Leste Football Federation (FFTL) saying its failure to represent the interests of all Timorese football players and fans, is diminishing the league’s reputation.

DILI: The removal of sand from Comoro River has increased the possibility of homes nearby being damaged by floodwater, the Ministry of Public Works Transportation and Communication (MOPTK) has said, amid calls for an enquiry into the construction companies extracting sand from the river.


Wednesday, 01 February 2017 10:26

First Lady Questions Gusmoa’s Support for Pires

DILI: Timor-Leste’s First Lady has questioned Xanana Gusmoa’s loyalty after the former Prime Minister sent an open letter to the Dili District Court calling for a retrial for the convicted ex Finance Minister, Emilia Pires.