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Komunidade sira dada ahi ilegal Komunidade sira dada ahi ilegal

Timor Leste Electricity are difficult to detect illegal net because there is no Mapping Featured

DILI: Timor Leste Electricity had been utilizing the new system to detect the people who pulled the illegal net of electricity but it is very difficult to them because there is no mapping.

Director National supporting client José Fernandes said actually we had been done the inspection but some community have no awareness to do the illegal net.

 He explain our recording system is complete if the clients don’t buy the card until 60 days its signify that they have change their name, but the problem that we face is some of the name is same in one village.

 In the year of 2016 ago we controlled routine to anticipate the illegal net but we don’t reach it all because our staff is very minim

 “ we need  more staff because the client of Timor Leste Electricity is to many, we only have 6 inspection staff  so it is very difficult to control  400 hundred thousand above clients,’’ he said




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