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The President Of Timor-Leste Taur Matan Ruak The President Of Timor-Leste Taur Matan Ruak

Legislation Needed on Tree Cutting, Community Featured

DILI: Unregulated cutting of trees and subsequent deforestation is destroying Timor-Leste’s natural environment. This is the message Manuel Saldanha ‘Asu Hakat’, from Santa Cruz village, delivered to the President of the Republic Taur Matan Ruak on Saturday during a community consultation.

Raising concern about widespread and increasing selling of timber from native forests, Asu Hakat called on the President to push conservation laws, saying the government needed to act on this “important” issue.

Responding to the comment, Ruak said deforestation was a “big problem,” saying conservation awareness needed to be raised in communities.

 “This is a big problem. For the people who cutting the tree, we have prohibited to cut the tree but it’s a little bit difficult,’’ Ruak said.

“In the future we must see what the alternatives are to avoid this attitude,’’ he said.



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