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Democratic Party leader Adriano do Nasimento. Democratic Party leader Adriano do Nasimento.

“Not too Complicated”: Democratic Party Urge Quick Response on Small-Business Coronavirus Aid Featured

DILI: The Democratic Party is urging the alliance government to move quickly to make available financial support to help small business hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic Party leader Adriano do Nasimento said they favour financial subsidies for small businesses but also want more low interest loans from banks, as well as a “not too complicated” system to access the support.  

Timor-Leste’s economy shrank 6% year-on-year on the back of the coronavirus pandemic, with several small businesses such as those reliant on tourist dollar struggling to make a return this year.

"I give an example of the Tais Industry in Colmera, now they are not making money because there are no international tourists coming to Timor Leste to buy because of, Covid -19," Nasimento told National Parliament on Tuesday.

Nasimento also challenged his peers to promote locally made products such as including Tais fabric in work uniforms to boost local demand.

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