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Minister of Education Armindo Maia. Minister of Education Armindo Maia.

COVID-19: Timor-Leste Schools Unlikely to Open Until all Teachers Vaccinated Featured

DILI: Public schools in Timor-Leste will reactivate face-to-face classes when all teachers have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Minister of Education Armindo Maia said on Monday.

Maia told reporters that the Council of Ministers approved decision was “encouraging,” saying there was now a “guarantee for reactivation of school activities and having students back in the classroom.”

“We want all teachers to comply with this protocol and to get full vaccination,” Maia said referring to the coronavirus vaccine.

Similar updates to vaccine policy were announced by the Council of Ministers on Monday. This includes people who have had their full COVID-19 vaccination being allowed tomove freely through the country without needing permission, having to comply with health protocols.

Fidelis LeiteMagalhaes, the President of the Council Ministers, said if people wanted to

“promptly normalise their life” they should go to a vaccination centre and get vaccinated.

Under the new measure, vaccinated people will need to carry their vaccine certificate, wear a face mask and practice social distancing at times.

“This is important because the majority of our population have not yet been vaccinated, so if it’s the majority of population have been vaccinated we can have the collective immunity so therefore we still enforcing the use of masks and maintaining of distances,” Magalhaes said.

The announcements come as Timor-Leste extends its state of emergency for another 30 days to early July.

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