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Timor-Leste Police Push COVID-19 Vaccines, Checks at Baucau Border

DILI: Timorese police will help to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Baucau orientating unvaccinated people wanting to enter the municipality to vaccine centres, police said on Thursday, as the region becomes the country’s new COVID-19 hotspot.

The measures are authorities latest attempt to spur reluctant Timorese to get vaccinated as the Delta variant of the coronavirus moves into regional centres, infecting unvaccinated people in particular.

Timor-Leste’s municipalities lag the capital Dili in vaccination rates, despite having plenty of free vaccines in supply at vaccine centres.

Police last week outlined vaccine checks at the border between Vemase Administrative post and the city of Baucau, including stopping the unvaccinated entering Bacuau and pointing them to nearby vaccine centres to get inoculated.

" At Vemase we have a security checkpoint for all related (police) work … in particular checking citizens who have not been vaccinated. We will orientate them to receive the vaccination,” Baucau Police Commander Armando Monteiro told the Independente.

People will not be forced to get vaccinated but they will be provided information on how to do so, he said.

On Saturday, Timor-Leste recorded just ten new COVID-19 cases, of which 4 were in Baucau, down from a record 167 a day earlier.

Health officials said people getting vaccinated has played a key role in reducing coronavirus surge.

Just over 40% of adults in Timor-Leste are fully vaccinated and 64% have received one vaccine.

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