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Timor-Leste Extends COVID-19 Lockdown in Dili, Imposes Health Fence in Manufahi

Timor-Leste Extends COVID-19 Lockdown in Dili, Imposes Health Fence in Manufahi

DILI:Timorese authorities extended COVID-19 home confinement measures in Dili for another week and imposed a health fence in Manufahi to contain an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta coronavirus variant.

Dili’s lockdown was due to end on Thursday night but will now run until at least September 9, according to a Council of Ministers meeting statement. 

Timor-Leste on Wednesday reported 167 new local coronavirus cases of which 119 were in Dili, up from 113 new cases a day earlier. Three new deaths of people who were not vaccinated for COVID-19 were unfortunately reported.

Under the lockdown rules “all people in the Municipality of Dili, including people who are vaccinated against COVID-19”  must stay at home.”

Exceptions include movement “for reasons of health, work, access to essential goods and services and to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.”

The Council of Ministers said the lockdown in  Administrative Posts of Ermera and Railaco, where new cases dropped to just two yesterday, would end as scheduled on 2 September.

The Council of Ministers also decided to impose a health fence in Manufahi from 2 of September to 15 September , which includes all “entry and exit from this municipality is prohibited, except for reasons of public safety, public health, humanitarian assistance, maintenance of public supply systems or public interest.”

“This ban does not apply to people who can prove complete vaccination (two doses) against COVID-19, as well as children under six years of age who accompany them,” the statement said.

Timor-Leste has recorded more than 67 deaths 16,682 cases since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. More than a third of these cases were reported last month.

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