Timor-Leste Adding Offices Abroad to Support Passport Renewal Backlog Featured

By Cristina Ximenes December 23, 2023 474
Minister of Justice Amando de Sa Benevides. Minister of Justice Amando de Sa Benevides.

DILI: The Ministry of Justice plans to open passport offices in United Kingdom, South Korea, and Ireland to enable Timorese living abroad renew passports without travelling to Dili, the government said on Monday.

Amando de Sa Benevides, Minister of Justice, told reporters that having new work opportunities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Korea, many more Timorese than usual were needing to renew their passports while living in these countries.

The absence of passport offices in these countries and need to be physically present to submit passports for renewal, a requirement for issuing the document, had created a situation where some Timorese living abroad had expired passports and unable to travel.

Benevides did not provide detail when the offices will open.

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