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Pires Says Government Will Tighten Tender Process For Veterans in State Projects Featured

DILI:Salvador Pires has said Timorese veterans will no longer be given priority for the contracts of state projects and must compete for work through official tender processes.

Speaking from the Ministry of Finance office on Monday, the Minister of Public Works acknowledged that poor enforcement of state project tender procedures had led to some state projects not being completed or finished with poor quality.

He said some contracts for outstanding State projects had been awarded to veterans without going through due tender process.

He said the ruling coalition government was committed to “resolving the issue” and would enforce accountable and transparent tender processes in the future.

In March, Fidelis Magalhães, the Minister for Legislative Reform and Parliamentary Affairs, said “several” of the on-going 143 State-funded projects were operating without a contract and producing work that suffered delays and technical problems.

Magalhães comments came as a Parliamentary Commission Inquiry (KIP) was taking place on State project management.

The projects, predominantly for infrastructure, were scheduled to have finished in 2017.

At the time Magalhães was unable to confirm the number of projects that were under review.

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