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Civil Society Group Calls for Replacement of Four Government Ministers Featured

DILI: Timor-Leste’s national non-government organisation forum, FONGTIL, is calling for four government Ministers to be replaced following what they describe as poor performance.

Daniel do Carmo, Director of FONGTIL, said civil society groups wanted the head of agriculture, education, health and infrastructure programs replaced to improve service delivery.

"We see that the education, health, agriculture and infrastructure programs are not going well,” Carmo said.

In their call for better leadership, Carmo cited a persistent failure to deliver work that satisfied the public during the two years Alliance for Change and Progress (AMP) coalition government has been in power.

Carmo referenced the “75-90%” of Ministries 2019 budget funding “salaries, international seminars and overseas visits,” rather than human development programs.

In addition, to calling for the replacement of the Ministers, FONGTIL is calling for the government to clarify where it stands on a cabinet reshuffle, and resolve uncertainty.

Since June 2018, nine positions in the AMP’s cabinet have been vacant after President Francisco Lo Olo Guterres refused to swear in government nominations because of corruption investigations.

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