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Four New Villages for Dili Featured

DILI:Four new villages will be developed on Dili’s fringes as the capital city’s population continues to expand.

Dili municipality announced it would increase its size, adding three new villages in Dom Aleixo – Madohi, Bebonukand Manleuna Village - and one in Cristo Rei.

The additions approved by government on March 31 will increase the number of villages in the Dili Municipality to 35.

This year Timor-Leste’s population is predicted to increase by around 28,000 people and reach 1.3 million by the beginning of 2018, according to Government statistics.

With continual urban migration from rural areas to the city by people in search of employment, Dili’s households increased by 39 per cent after 1999, and a further 21 per cent after 2008.


Gaspar Soares da Silva, the Administrator of Dili Municipality, said village chief elections for the new villages would be held in May before the legislative election.


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